Dancing in Brighton

Yeah I wish I had joined the battle, but even as a dancer I still get scared to take part in dance battles. SAD SAD SAD! It was an extremely hot day out, so shout to the dancers who keep their cool in that heat, because I definitely left there with a whole side of heat rash. How lovely!

Back to the photos. It was all for fun really. The event had a photographer of their own, most times I was watching him to see what he was doing but it was a shame because I never got to see his photos. Not even up to this day. hmmm

Anyways good vibes, good music, good people. I would totally recommend anyone to go up there when they have something going on which I do believe updates are kept on 'THE BREAKIN' CONVENTION' website. Even if you're not a dancer, just being in the area and really catching good vibes with people is worth the trip.

So they had various styles of dance battles, I'm sure you'll be able to tell which is breaking and maybe popping from some of the photos I took. At the moment as per usual, the images in the clip are RAW, but in due time I will upload an album where you can see all the images I took that day and how I manages to get some really good body angled shots. Believe me, that amazed me because i had no idea what settings to out my camera on to capture movement, but I got it! So i can't really tel you was the ISO, aperture and ...... hmm i forgot ..... anyways, i can't really tell you what the setting are but my settings for the day worked and I'm quite pleased with the images. Ahh but what I can tell you is that I used a Canon 1100d with a 18-55mm lens and a Canon zoom lens of I think 200mm.

Any tips for future movement photography please feel free to contact me, overtime i'll probably add in a comments section so we can interact a bit through there and open discussions but until then please do email me.

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