Ladies, stop referring to yourself as a queen! You're not!

Inspired by: Those Women in White

Women refer to yourself as a jewel rather than a queen.....huh?

"When a queen is put into fire, she burns and turns into ashes. However, when a jewel is put into fire, it remains in its natural state and continues to shine".

Ahhhh I see!

So I went along with a friend to a women day conference and when the first line was said, I was so taken back. After parading around being called a queen or a princess, now someone wants to tell me (a female for that matter) that I am not one and that I should stop thinking so. WOW! However, when she later went into it, it really made me think that even as a 'queen', most if not all, are pretty much the same (you only really know them for their royal status).

But when we think of jewels (or gems), they are so many which we favour (such as diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds) and hold with more value than we would of a queen from our country. Even across the different social classes we all treat jewels as something precious.

The expenses that come with a jewel, the representation of each jewel, the shine that never rusts. Yep, thats what won me over, "a queen in fire burns, but a jewel in fire shines"! Honestly, I literally saw strength, boldness, a presence, courage and that ultimate glow as a women being a jewel!

So with this little roller coaster of emotions from this conference, I decided to explore different forms of queens and how they can be expressed as a precious jewel. "At the heart of me I am a jewel, polished overtime to become beautiful and enduring".

Unfortunately, I haven't yet completed this project. I am still yet to incorporate the jewel aspect of it, but in the meanwhile take a look behind the scenes of these radiant queens (nubian and goddess).

Any comments or collaborations please do not hesitate to contact me. Most, if not all images are raw images. This is that period of time when editing isn't your best buddy and you no longer want to hang! To be fair it gives you a chance to generally see where I am now and to join my journey into becoming better. The photos will eventually be edited PROPERLY but welcome to a learners second attempt in a white studio.

Shout out to Rebecca Obrifor who was our third queen (she gave you a lil tour of the studio) but unfortunately time was not on our side and we couldn't complete her look.

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MUA: Maria Akinremi - @glowupwithmaria (instagram)

Model: Maria Alpha - @naturalandlovinit (instagram)

Model: Yasmin Olatunji - @southsidebarbiex (instagram)

Styled by: Blessing Oburoh - @bless_xx (instagram)

Studio: Studio Portrait Gallery

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