Woke up in a fashion shoot

So I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Miriam Karamoko who is a self-taught artist and fashion designer. If I'm correct (embarrassing if I'm wrong) she is an aspiring interior designer.

In this very shoot we were taking shots for her college course which she had to design and create an outfit from scratch and display the final outcome. Now honestly speaking, I had just woken up when she called me to do it, which means unfortunately for me my creativity is on line 30%, its still trying to wake up. Yeah, not every creative person had the luxury of being active 24/7, I like sleep more.

So anyways, we took really basic photos good enough to see her finished piece and present it.

Not much to say now, except take a look and enjoy our behind the scenes footage. Check Miriam Karamoko on instagram @miriam_kara and also check out her sister (details in the video) who helped her model her clothes and lastly, Eye-Speak TV, one of Miriams friends who came by to support her. Love it!

Take a look behind the scenes - like, comment, subscribe! Youtube: ibkvisuals

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