Is your alter-ego a lioness?

This was just a random shoot. If I remember correctly, the lovely model of the day messaged me and wanted us to do a little exploration of the lens. Of courseeee I said yes! I had nothing better to do, so why not. I do think I prompt her several days in advance pitching a couple of ideas to her, so I don't know if it was all random or just a half-way there but either way it happened ;)

I had always wanted to do an alter ego photoshoot and even though I didn't completely achieve that (speaking in photography terms - check out Derek Blanks. Love love love his work!) I still made somewhat a step towards it. With planing and time to edit, it could have been done. Something to put in my photography to do list!

Swaying away from photographers and all I did ask her if she could come back as an animal what would she be? She said a lioness! I thought it was puurrrfect (did you see what i did there ;)), she had the hair and the eyes for it and knowing her personally, she had the personality for it. Absolutely beautiful!

Here are some quotes that really stood out to me and also made me link it back to the queens to jewels shoot.

"...fearless yet honouring, connected yet self contained, present yet far reaching, compassionate yet fierce, pure but not naive, strong and gentle, simple yet highly strategic" - Lisa Bevere.

"a king only bows down to his queen"

"a queen knows how to build her empire, with the same stones that were thrown at her"

Take a look and enjoy our random day out vlog. Any comments or collaborations please do not hesitate to email me.

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MUA: Melissa Philip - @curlsndall (instagram)

Model: Melissa Philip

Location: St Dunstan in-the-east

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