Easter Madness!

What an eventful easter.

Day 1:

Spent I guess most of the day finding locations and shooting with a friend for his fashion lookbook. Found some amazing locations which I surely noted down mentally. I guess this day was when I first found out that some really public places aren't that public after all. What I mean by that is that places you would think are open for people to be in and take images, are actually private places. How annoying! But with a little smile and kind manner, we were allowed to stay a little longer and finish our shoot. ;)

Funny enough we both asked each other what we should do. Not too sure why. He's definitely a natural model, he even gave me catalogue worthy images! I was living for it all. I'm convinced it was because of this very shoot why I even took a second of a thought into possibly branching into fashion photography. Even though we took pretty much standard photos, the creativity that could be explored is imaginable and excites me even thinking about it.

So we started our day at Surrey Quays/Canada Water, it wasn't really working for us. I mean we found some good spots and took few decent photos but it wasn't really given us the spark. So we then decided to go to London Bridge (which i suggested at first, just to say) and there we found quite a few spots that gave us different vibes. Loved it!

I didn't use flash at all. Absolutely hate how the camera flash looks in images. To be honest the day was quite bright, we were shooting from around 2/3pm to about 6/7pm so we had the luck of the summers day giving us natural light. Even in cloudy areas where buildings shadowed the area, light wasn't too bad. The images in the vlog are still RAW (as per usual) so to see the difference; where he wore all denim that was in open space and where he had a plain greyish or reflective background those images were in cloudy spaces, filled with buildings.

Day 2:

This day was fairly long but it was enjoyable. Started off recording with a YouTube Channel known as 'He Says She Says' which is a gender mixed debate show. We recorded in Canary Wharf which lucky for me was just one stop away from the event I was recording at after.

Hmm... not much I can actually say about this recording because I was literally just standing there lol. We had three cameras on stand, a mic and the cast. Filmed for about 2/3 hours then I had to leave them to go to location number two.

So my second location was actually in Deptford at a Celestial Church having a womens day event. I think I spent more time being apart of the audience rather than recording, hence why the footage isn't a lot. The women who spoke, gave so much wisdom and knowledge and I absolutely enjoyed being there. Maybe next time, I'll record a bit more to add into my final piece. However, I am putting together something similar to a 'highlights of the day', so if or when I do I shall keep you lovelies posted ;)

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