Polished video that engage &

inspire people to act

You need an advert/a promo video or you have a special occassion you want to replay a thousand times or you have an event that you want to reach a further audience. Problem is, you don't have the time to put all the footage together or you just need an extra hand.

We cover and edit event highlights, business promotions/adverts, content creation and live streaming.

IBK Visuals offer affordable video editing and live streaming services for small to medium sized businesses, influencers and personal needs.

Blackened Paper

We like to create a space that allows us to work with you on your video or live stream, providing frequent communication and contributing creative ideas when stuck.

The production process depends on the scale of the video however, the steps are:



30 minutes phone call, face-to-face meeting or online video call to discuss your project or event, including an outline of desired shots, what you wish to remain in the final edit and any other images, logos, etc you want to add.



This is where the beauty begins and your visions are being developed and adjusted until you are happy.

LIVE STREAM: Time and date & we're there! Streaming your event on your chosen platfrom.

RECORD & EDIT: Given time and date - we will film the required footage then edit to meet your needs.

EDIT ONLY: We will edit the given footage to your desired vision.



The final piece! Making minor finishing touches ready for your audience or just for your precious keepsafe.

We offer live streaming for all occasions, whether private or public. We also offer bundles, if you require a continuous service.

Please contact us for any bespoke services or offers.

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