So you have a birthday party or want a family photoshoot or you simply just need photos for your brand/business website or event. 

We work with you to develop quality images that you can hang in your living room, put in a photo album or appeal to your audience.


Business use - You want to reaasure your clients that you are the best for their needs. Clean and professional images gives you that extra boost to keep you at the top of the list.

Personal use - No worries if you're not an experienced 'model'. Comfortability is key! We capture the best of you. You may even come out the shoot feeling like a signed model!. 


Occasions - We capture those special moments; engagements, birthdays, christening, the list goes on, and give you the option to invest in a album or a canvas along with your digital gallery or prints. 


IBK Visuals offer affordable PHOTOGRAPHY services for small to medium sized businesses, influencers and personal NEEDS.

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We like to create a space that allows us to work with you on your photoshoot or event. Professional images, what ever the use, is an investment so we ensure that everything we capture is how you pictured it in your mind and if you're slightly stuck with ideas, scenery, locations and so on, we're to contribute and give you options.

The production process depends on the amount of images required and if you desire extra items such as an album or canvas. However, the steps are:



30 minutes phone call, face-to-face meeting or online video call to discuss your photoshoot or event this includes desired shots and props.



This is where the beauty begins and your vision is being captured.

The taking of photographs at the shoot/event, including setup and breakdown of any equipment.




Analyse photographs and complete post production to bring images to a professional level. Images are provided on a secure online gallery and/or on a USB/CD or printed.

We offer home sessions where we can set up a small studio in a suitable room such as your living room. If you would prefer a studio or a location session, we will book a studio or research a location that meets your criteria.

We offer prints such as canvas, albums, mugs and many more. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how you wish for images to be delivered.


Please contact us for any bespoke services or offers.

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